The 9 Best Derma Roller For Hair Growth Reviews & Buying Guide


Derma Roller might be an unfamiliar product for many people. If you do not follow beauty tips and skincare regimes passionately, you probably have not heard about Derma rollers yet. A derma roller is a simple mechanical device that has plenty of minuscule needles on a roller that is supposed to be rolled over your skin whether it is your face, scalp, or cheeks. While the process might sound a little scary, it is completely harmless and nothing but beneficial for your health.

The tiny needles on a derma roller poke inside your skin to boost its healing capacity. It also increases the collagen and elastin production rate of the skin that furthermore helps to develop hair growth. As a derma roller clears facial problems like acne and also helps to grow a fine beard, it is used by both men and women. Here’s something to look for in a derma roller if you also want to get one:

  • Size of Needles: The size of needles on a derma roller should be sufficient for your skin type. The dimension of these needles refers to their length and a longer needle is generally recommended if you have thick skin. Otherwise, you might feel the roller a bit too harsh for your skin.
  • Number of Needles: The number of needles should also be considered before you decide to buy a derma roller for yourself. With a higher number of needles, you can expect better results as there is more contact with needles with your skin. On the other hand, a roller with a smaller number of needles is easier on the skin.
  • Possible Improvements: While going through our picks for the best derma rollers, you will find out that not every option is suitable for a certain requirement. For example, while some of the options are specifically designed for beard hair growth, some are more advantageous for scalp conditioning.

In today’s article, we will be combining a list of the best derma rollers available for you right now. You can take a detailed look at each of these options right from your home. We will also provide a brief review along with some pros and cons and “Buying guide” to help you understand the product a little better. Hence, make sure you check out all of our picks before you decide on the perfect one for yourself.

Best Derma Roller For Hair Growth 2023

Dermaroller for Hair GrowthNeedle SizeNumber of needlesSuitable ForBuy Now
Sdara Derma Roller0.25 mm540Men & WomenCHECK ON AMAZON
Naland Beard Growth Kit 0.25 mm---MenCHECK ON AMAZON
Linduray Derma Roller 0.25 mm540WomenCHECK ON AMAZON
Derma Titanium Microneedle Roller1 mm540Men & WomenCHECK ON AMAZON
Prosper Beauty Derma Roller0.25 mm600MenCHECK ON AMAZON
LUOLLOVE Derma Roller0.25 mm540Men & WomenCHECK ON AMAZON
Glemme Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit------Men & WomenCHECK ON AMAZON
NOVELIFE Derma Roller Kit0.25 mm540Men & WomenCHECK ON AMAZON
Priotone Store Titanium Needle Roller0.25 mm540Men & WomenCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Derma Roller For Hair Growth Reviews

1. Sdara Derma Roller

Sdara Derma Roller

Featuring on the first position of our list is a simple derma roller unit from Sdara Skincare. The reason we have selected this option as our first pick is its immensely positive user feedback available from thousands of concurrent users. The Sdara derma roller will help you to create a luminous vibrance on your face by helping your skin complexion. The roller has 540 titanium needles where each needle is 0.25 mm long which ensures a completely painless performance.

Due to the built quality of the needles, you will not have to put much pressure on the roller while using it. Once you start using the roller regularly, you will start noticing its effects very soon. Also, it is available within a very affordable price range whereas similar therapy sessions cost tenfold expenses even in regular clinics. Sdara has already covered more than 400000 people’s skincare needs and you can be one of them.


  • Popular derma roller kit
  • Positive user feedback
  • Great for skin
  • 540 titanium needles
  • 0.25 mm needle size
  • Budget oriented pick


  • Trusted by over 400000 existing customers
  • An ideal option for skincare


  • Not intended for facial hair or scalp

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2. Naland Beard Growth Kit 

Naland Beard Growth Kit 

Getting instantaneous results with just a derma roller is not possible in every case as the skin sometimes needs external supplies to develop an efficient healing rate. It usually happens if you have not used a derma roller before, especially for your beard growth. Thus, we are bringing you the best derma roller specifically focused on beard growth by Naland as our 2nd pick. This kit includes many other essential items such as a specific comb, a beard balm, and beard oil along with the derma roller that you will need down the road.

As we all know, men’s facial skin is generally very rough because of constant contact with metal blades and trimmers. Thus, it also includes a special serum for your facial skin that helps to stimulate hair growth and helps to accelerate the results. The 0.25 mm titanium needles on the roller itself do wonders while it’s being rolled around your face. It increases the production of elastin and collagen in your skin that utilizes the vitamins from the beard oil for a positive effect on your skin. It is considered to be a perfect solution for patchy beards from thousands of users.


  • Complete kit for men
  • Designed for beard and facial hair growth
  • Includes multiple essential items
  • Suitable for rough skin
  • 0.25 mm needle size
  • Increases the production of elastin and collagen


  • Delivers quick results
  • Helps with an increase in hair growth


  • Only suitable for men

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3. Linduray Derma Roller 

Derma Roller Cosmetic Microneedling KitWhile there are specially designed derma rollers for hard and rough skin, there are also derma needles that can turn out to be effective for multiple applications. Our 3rd pick, the Derma Roller Cosmetic Microneedling Kit from Linduray Skin Care is one such product with the standard 0.25 mm 540 titanium needles on the roller. It is also the best pick for first-time users as it is the most affordable option and also includes educational ebooks in the package which is essential in the beginning.

Because the size of needles is small on this roller, its application does not hurt at all even to beginners. You can easily implement a habit of using this derma roller in your daily routine and get easy skincare treatment right at your home. The best part about this kit is the additional ebooks that include a customized guide from the manufacturer about using the derma roller properly. It also includes a few additional tips and tricks that will improve your results exceptionally.


  • The best option for skincare
  • An ideal pick for beginners
  • 540 titanium needles
  • 0.25 mm needle size
  • Includes educational ebooks in the package


  • This kit gives you all the info you need before using the product
  • Additional tips and tricks included for improved results


  • Only suitable for women

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4. Derma Titanium Microneedle Roller

Derma Titanium Microneedle Roller

Our next feature is somewhat different than our other picks and we will only recommend going with this option if you have naturally thick skin. To penetrate a thicker skin, larger needles are required so that the impact would trigger the healing process. The Thappink derma roller is designed for such use as 1 mm needles. Even though the needle size is large, it features 540 needles on the roller which is great. Also, it is beneficial for both men as well as women were given that you are not finding any luck with the softer options.

The derma roller is designed with an ergonomic design for the handle so that it makes it much easier to hold the roller in hand without needing a firm grip. Thus, it’s easily usable by everyone at home. There is also an extra storage case included with the roller that allows you to carry it whenever you need to. All you have to do is take out the roller every day and use it over your skin for a few minutes and expect great improvement on your skin soon enough.


  • Specially designed for rough skin
  • Comparatively larger skin
  • Suitable for men and women
  • 540 titanium needles
  • 1 mm needle size


  • The only option from our picks that features 1 mm needles
  • The ergonomic design makes the process much easier


  • Need to be careful while using the roller due to larger needles

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5. Prosper Beauty Derma Roller

Prosper Beauty Derma Roller

There are only a handful of versatile options like the Derma Roller Microneedle 6 Piece Kit from Prosper beauty that gives its users multiple options for different types of applications. This 6 piece derma roller kit is designed by a group of healthcare professionals while keeping the highest priority to the safety and hygiene of the device. Each of the rollers designed for this derma roller has 600 titanium needles and you have the option to replace the roller with 3 additional options.

Due to less use of the needles on every roller, you can expect a longer lifespan of these needles. Prosper beauty is also providing you a special storage case that will keep the additional rollers safe for future use. Although, you will have to replace the roller head after 3 to 5 uses which are almost equivalent to using a razor blade. But, you can also buy just the roller heads for this derma roller instead of the whole kit that includes 4 rollers.


  • Versatile derma roller
  • 6 piece kit
  • Focused on hygiene and safety
  • 600 titanium needles
  • 0.25 mm needle size
  • Replaceable roller


  • Most number of needles present on a derma roller
  • Designed by healthcare professionals for optimum results


  • Need to purchase extra roller heads later on

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6. LUOLLOVE Derma Roller

LUOLLOVE Derma Roller

Up next, we are bringing yet another derma roller specifically designed to cater to the needs of men and get healthier growth for beard and facial hair. The Derma Roller for Beard Growth for Men by Luollove consists of 0.25 mm microneedles present on a large roller that consists of 540 needles around its periphery. The needles create very small holes on the facial that do not damage the skin but instead helps your skin to absorb the beard oil or serum that can be applied right after using the derma roller.

While this derma roller is designed for facial hair, it can also be used for hair growth on your head and to get rid of bald spots without going through any surgery. The Derma Roller for Beard Growth for Men is probably the most stylish pick from our list as it has eccentric colors and an ergonomic design to increase its results. The rollers are provided in 100% sterile packaging right from the factory directly to your doorstep so that it is safe to use right away.


  • Special pick for men
  • Great for facial hair growth
  • Stylish design with attractive colors
  • 540 titanium needles
  • 0.25 mm needle size
  • 100% sterile packaging


  • Luollove has a special focus on the hygiene of the product
  • Helps your skin to absorb more essential oil or serum


  • Extra essential items are not available with the roller

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7. Glemme Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit

Glemme Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit

Here, we have more of an all-rounder option that is capable of taking care of all your needs. Whether you need a derma roller for your face, scalp, or beard, you can trust the Glemme Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit. The needles of this roller penetrate your skin just deep enough to trigger the generation of new cells on your skin which will develop a profound glow on your skin along with an acne-free face. While it takes care of your skin, it is also highly beneficial for scalp conditioning.

Similar to most popular derma rollers, the Glemme Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit includes additional supplies such as a special hairbrush and a natural biotin hair serum. This serum consists of natural extracts that provide the benefits of added vitamins and makes your hair stronger and shinier. The included brush also helps a lot while rolling the derma roller through your scalp as you can manage the hair and avoid getting them caught on the sharp needles of the roller. Glemme is also providing a year of warranty on their product which is rarely available in the case of derma rollers.


  • All-rounder derma roller kit
  • Includes multiple extra items
  • Delivers a new glow to your skin
  • Takes care of acne problems
  • The serum contains natural extracts for extra benefit


  • The included serum is highly effective
  • The added brush is useful while using the derma roller


  • Needle size is not mentioned

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8. NOVELIFE Derma Roller Kit

NOVELIFE Derma Roller KitSharing the same derma roller with your partner is not a hyenic choice as the roller is not supposed to be used a number of times, even for the same person. Thus, it is necessary to purchase a separate unit for your partner if you both require a derma roller regularly. Although, you might not have to do that if you go with the Derma Roller Kit from Novelife. This unit features 2 identical derma rollers with 540 needles on the rollers.

Each of these rollers has 0.25 mm microneedles that will help you regain your youth within the first few weeks of use. The roller enhances the absorption level of your skin and also allows your skin to utilize the moisturizing elements better for significantly improved results. With its beneficial results and ergonomic design, it is certainly a great option for both experienced and fresh users.


  • Contains 2 separate units in the package
  • Enhances the absorption level of your skin
  • 540 titanium needles
  • 0.25 mm needle size
  • A great pick for beginners too


  • You will not need to purchase an additional derma roller
  • Soft on the skin


  • Needles are not durable

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9. Priotone Store Titanium Needle Roller

Priotone Store Titanium Needle RollerLastly, we are featuring an ideal skincare unit from Priotone. If you have already tried multiple skin-based products and nothing seems to affect your skin, it can be a signal that your skin has become rough and is not accepting external products at all. To fix that, you can use the Titanium Needle Roller from Priotone with 0.25 mm microneedles and rehabilitate your skin for additional skincare habits.

In case of hair problems, the Titanium Needle Roller is still very effective thanks to the titanium needles that can not only pierce through the skin on the face but also over the scalp. With the Titanium Needle Roller, we can assure you that you will be getting promising results very soon just like thousands of existing customers that are already using the product daily.


  • Provides successful rehabilitation of your skin
  • Effective titanium needles for best results
  • 540 titanium needles
  • 0.25 mm needle size
  • Promising results from the derma roller


  • Many satisfied customers
  • Allows your skin to regain its glow


  • Not intended for hair treatment

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Buying Guide For The Best Derma Roller For Hair Growth

There is no shortage of beauty products as well as brands that manufacture these beauty products. As beauty and skincare-based products are seeing an evermore demand because of increasing impurities in the environment, there are a lot of options available in the market.

Even for a derma roller, you will come across hundreds of different picks which will certainly confuse you. To avoid that, kindly go through our best derma roller for hair growth available here. Before you make a decision, make sure you also check out our buying guide for the best derma roller present below.

Needle Material

The needles used on derma rollers play an important role while using the roller. The needles are the only part of the derma roller that comes into contact with your skin. As you will be using the derma roller on delicate parts of your skin, make sure you carefully check the material used to make the needles. While the standard derma rollers are made out of titanium for the best results, it is still important to make sure your derma roller has the best quality of needles available.

Number of Needles

The number of needles present on a derma roller head is also equally important as the quality of the needle itself. While using the derma roller regularly, a lot of needles get damaged eventually. If your derma roller head already has a lesser number of needles, you will have to retire the roller sooner than expected. And in case your choice does not have a replaceable roller head, you will have to purchase a separate derma roller completely.

Needle Size

Coming to yet another crucial factor of derma rollers, the size of the needles used on the roller head itself. As you already know, the needles are supposed to penetrate the skin to trigger its natural healing system. But, it is not always that easy as some skins are more resistant than others. In such a case, you will need longer needles that can penetrate deeper into the skin. Also, keep in mind to choose a perfect needle size for your skin as it can make the roller harder on your skin otherwise.

Suitable Application

Not all rollers are suitable for all purposes. While buying a derma roller, you will find its specific application mentioned alongside the product. For example, some derma rollers are focused on facial hair growth, some are designed for harmful treatment while some are entirely focused on facial skin treatment. In case you are only facing one of the above-mentioned problems, you should choose a suitable option for the best results. Otherwise, it is always beneficial to pick up an all-rounder option that can be beneficial for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take before I can see the results?

Well, there can be a definite answer for this question as the treatment takes a particular time in each case before you can see the results. In most cases, you will start to see noticeable results within 6 to 8 weeks of constant usage paired with hair oils and serums. In the case of rough skins, the results might be noticeable after a couple of extra weeks, but it will be effective nonetheless.

2. Does derma rollers help with receding hairlines?

Definitely. One of the major reasons for a receding hairline is excessive hair fall on the front. While using a derma roller, you will find the hairline revert back to its natural state as the roller will help you regenerate lost hairs and increase the hair strength to avoid hair loss. Using a derma roller is possible the only method to naturally reclaim your hairline.

3. How often should I use the derma roller?

The frequency of derma roller treatment should always be consulted with a certified dermatologist first. Due to changes in skin type and also the differences in needle size, the effects of derma roller can be better or worse in many cases. Generally, it is recommended to use the derma roller daily if the needle size is smaller. In the case of larger needles, it should only be used once or twice in 3 to 4 weeks as the damage is more and your skin needs more time to recover.


If you don’t already own a derma roller, it is time you invest in one right now. With a uniform habit of massaging your scalp, face, and other body parts, you can easily get brighter skin and stronger hair growth in no time. Although, derma rollers help your skin by damaging it in a controlled manner and trigger your natural repair system for the betterment of your skin.

Therefore, it is crucial to carefully pick up the perfectly suitable derma roller for your skin. Today, we looked at the best derma rollers you can buy right now. If you want to know more about these picks, kindly take a look at our buying guide before you make your decision. On the other hand, you can also go with one of our favorite picks from this list.

  • If this is your first time buying a derma roller for yourself, we will strongly suggest you go with the Derma Roller Cosmetic Microneedling Kit by Linduray Skincare. While this option will cost you the least amount of expense compared to other options, it also includes 3 additional Ebooks that will provide you detailed information about the products and instructions to use them.
  • Men are mostly obsessed with a beard as not everyone is born with gifted beard growth. But, you can certainly accelerate your beard growth with the Beard Growth Kit from Naland that also includes a derma roller. Trusted by thousands of users, this kit includes all of the essentials such as beard oil, beard balm, and a compact comb which you will be needing by your side.
  • Our last recommendation to you is the Glemme Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit as this is also a complete kit including various essential items such as hairbrush, biotin oil, and a derma roller for a complete package. This product is suitable for both men and women and designed to specifically help with hair growth and to prevent hair loss.


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