The 10 Best Beard Combs For Styling & Detangling Your Beard


Beard combs play an essential role in any beard grooming kit. They are so important that even the best brands of beard oil and balm offer beard comb as a complimentary gift.

A good beard comb is a go-to grooming tool when it comes to cleaning, maintaining, and grooming your facial hair. It is a simple and affordable styling tool that helps in converting your messy and unkempt facial hair into a perfect one.

Here are some factors that will allow you to choose the best comb for your beard.

Material: Beard combs are made using 4 types of materials – plastic, metal, wood, and cellulose acetate.

Out of all, combs made using wood and cellulose are considered as the best as they are hand cut and avoid pulling or tugging of beards hair. These combs don’t even produce static electric build-up, unlike plastic combs. When compared to wooden combs, cellulose acetate combs are easier to clean.

Metal or plastic combs are machine-made and lack smooth cut edges. Thus, they end up causing harm to hair follicles.

Teeth Width: The width of the teeth depends on the type of beard that you have. For example, if you have a soft beard, it is recommended to use a comb that has closely spaced teeth whereas if you have a coarse beard, you should buy comb with wide teeth.

Combs from best brands often offer 2 different teeth widths – while one side of the comb has wider teeth the other side has narrower teeth. This helps you give the best result.

Hand-cut vs. Stamp press: Hand cut is always preferred over stamp press as they are evenly cut and spaced. Stamp press beard combs result in tangling of beard hair that eventually causes irritation.

If you are looking for the best beard come that can up your beard game 10 folds, you have come to the right place. From wooden combs to the ones that fit perfectly in your pocket, we have shortlisted 7 best combs for you with detailed reviews along with a Buying Guide. Let’s have a look!

10 Best Beard Combs in 2023

Top Beard Combs Reviews

1. Kent Handmade Combs

Kent Handmade Combs


  • Material: Plastic (Cellulose Acetate)
  • Tooth Width: Medium and Fine
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: No
  • Level of Maintenance: Low
  • Length:3 inches, 2.8 inches, 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 08 ounces

This is a fantastic set of 3 handcrafted combs, especially to pamper your thick beard in every way possible. Kent surely knows how much care does a beard requires. Hence, all these combs are handmade with extreme precision, then hand polished and buffed to create soft and rounded teeth.

As this set has three different combs, it is quite suitable for traveling as you won’t need to carry any other comb, this set is more than enough for any purpose.

But most of you will be thinking that it’s made of plastic, then it will surely create static. Usually, plastic combs are not suggested for beard care, but this one is all-natural cellulose acetate. It is made from cotton and wood pulp, and this is highly recommended! Well, we are talking about some high-grade stuff here, and Kent knows well about what you need. Cellulose Acetate is considered to be one of the richest materials which is best suitable for anyone’s precious beard or hair. 

Although if you apply beard oil and think to massage your skin using this beard, it might not be a good decision as plastic combs are not made for that purpose. However, if you do so, your comb will surely catch some dirt, but that’s not an issue as it can be cleaned up easily.


  • A set of three combs
  • High-grade material
  • Low Maintenance


  • Not ideal for oil application

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2. Beard Comb by Hunter Jack

Beard Comb by Hunter Jack


  • Material: Wood
  • Tooth Width: Medium & Fine
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: Yes
  • Level of Maintenance: High
  • Length:8 inches
  • Weight: 6 Ounces

Particularly if you have grown a thick and long beard, you will feel quite happy using this comb as there are many factors to love it.

First of all, as it is made of wood, it feels to be of very rich in quality, but along with that, it needs to be cared for like any other premium stuff you own.

It is a double-sided comb and has fine teeth on one side and a little wider on the other, hence it smoothly glides through the thickets beards easily. The fine teeth are good to comb your mustache as well as thin and shorter beards. Whereas, the wider tooth helps to take care of the thick and frizzy beards.

As this wooden comb is handcrafted, the precision and smoothness feels great on the skin and does not snag or tangle the beard. Moreover, wooden combs are considered to be best for beard care as it serves good while applying oil or wax to the beard. Also, there is no static production, as you know, its wood.

However, it can be a real asset to your lifestyle, but the care it demands is much more than combs made from plastic or any other material.

The construction of this comb is robust, but still, it would be much better if you keep it safe inside the beautiful PU leather case that comes along. Not only will it save your comb, but it will also save your pockets from getting oil marks.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Dual Bristles


  • Needs high maintenance

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3. Onedor Sandalwood Folding Comb

Onedor Brush Comb


  • Material: Wood
  • Tooth Width: Medium
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: Yes
  • Level of Maintenance: Medium
  • Length:8 inches, 4 Inches when folded
  • Weight: 4 Ounces

Looking for a premium comb that can be taken along with no matter where you go, there’s no need to go through all the products as this will just suit your portability needs.

This rigidly built comb is ever ready to go through your tangled beard and give you the cleanest look you deserve to have. With a folding mechanism, it becomes even smaller and easier to carry in any pocket. Also, as the handle gives nice protection to the entire comb, this comb is going to last for a lot of time in your grooming kit.

The fine and smooth finish of the best natural green sandalwood feels so good to touch while using the comb. Moreover, Sandalwood is known to promote healthy scalp oil, and the fine-set teeth of this comb are good for massaging too.

The size of this comb remains to be just about 4 inches, which can even fit in a wallet, and it won’t be a bad choice of gift for any bearded man if any occasion is going to come soon, give it a try.

In addition, most barbers recommend grooming your beard and hair often to guide the hair to grow in a particular direction, and it even helps to reduce coarse facial hair and promotes the growth of a healthy and fuller beard.

Applying balm and beard oil is made simple using the comb as the leftover oil gets soaked up by the wood, which is good for your beard as well as the comb because oils generally help the teets to remain soft and smooth.  


  • Good for Oiling
  • Anti-Static material
  • Compact design
  • Easy to handle


  • Comb-teeth are short in length

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4. Folding Wooden Comb by Striking Viking

Folding Wooden Comb by Striking Viking


  • Material: Wood
  • Tooth Width: Medium
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: Yes
  • Level of Maintenance: Medium
  • Length:2 inches when folded
  • Weight: 76 Ounces

Striking Viking was established just a few years back and has already gained a lot of attention from all the bearded men out there by their world-class quality beard care products, and one of the most useful tools in their arsenal is this folding wooden comb.

Being so lightweight and nimble, it is easier to carry along, no matter if you are heading towards your office or going somewhere on a vacation, this comb has got your beard covered.

Wooden combs are especially recommended to those who love to pamper their beards as wood has many beneficial effects on any kind of beards. Either you use it for head hair, mustache, big beards, or the short ones, it can handle it all with ease.

Well, if your beard is not fuller or not getting any thicker, try massaging it with this wooden comb along with some beard oil, and you will start to see the improvement by yourself in a few days.

The construction of this wooden combs feels so rigid, and the wood is quite durable as it is handcrafted from 100% sandalwood. Moreover, the overall build is rough and tough, but the bristles are quite the opposite of that being so smooth and crafted with precision, it does not scratch the skin by any means.

As it’s just 4.2 inches in size when folded, it fits just right in any pocket. Although it is good for applying balm and beard oil, there is no carrying pouch to keep your pockets safe from unnecessary oil patches.


  • Folding Mechanism
  • Comparatively less maintenance required
  • Handcrafted from Sandalwood


  • No carrying pouch included
  • Comb-length is less

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5. Pocket Comb by Viking Revolution

Pocket Comb by Viking Revolution


  • Material: Wood
  • Tooth Width: Coarse & Fine
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: Yes
  • Level of Maintenance: High
  • Length:5 Inches
  • Weight: 64 Ounces

Every bearded man should at least have one good comb in his kit, and this Viking Revolution Comb is just too good to fulfill that. Although if you want more than just a comb, Viking Revolution also offers a complete beard care kit, which also includes this same wooden comb, and that too comes for a reasonable price tag.

As soon as you open the package, you will be glad to see the shiny polished finish on the top, and this comb is made of all-natural green sandalwood that gets better with time and achieves a rugged and vintage look.

You won’t need to wait for days to experience the best out of it; it starts to deliver the premium experience as soon as you hold it in your hands. As it’s a double-sided comb and has coarse and fine teeth, it is suitable to use with any kind of beard lengths and thickness.

Moreover, the bristles feel so fine and smooth on the skin and do not tend to tangle up your hair or snag it. Although most people also complain about static electricity in combs, there’s no issue like that with this comb due to its wooden construction.

Oil application has been made a lot easier task as the comb can easily help you to distribute the oil thoroughly without getting your hands soaked in it.

And, afterward, if you want to carry it along with you to your office or anywhere else, you will be very thankful for the stylish synthetic leather case that comes for free with this comb.


  • Two kinds of teeth
  • Durable
  • Practical Design


  • High Maintenance

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6. Hair Comb by Rocky Mountain

Hair Comb by Rocky Mountain


  • Material: Wood
  • Tooth Width: Wide & Fine
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: Yes
  • Level of Maintenance: High
  • Length:4 Inches
  • Weight: 44 Ounces

Rocky Mountain has an all-in-one comb for all your grooming needs. However, it looks like a normal hair comb but also serves as one of the best beard combs as well.

Working on your beard with a quality comb is absolutely good for hair health, and at the same time, it gives you a royal feel and helps you in getting the style you desire.

The all-natural sandalwood build of this comb feels so premium to handle and adds a soothing fragrance to your life. And, unlike any other plastic comb, it does not produce static electricity to ruin the experience and does not cause any frizz to your beard.

You are getting two different widths in one single comb as half of the comb has medium-wide teeth, and the other half has a fine set. Hence, it is best to use with hair as well as style the beard. Whether you have the thickest beard or a smooth one, the smooth wooden teeth just glide through it and detangle every hair in a pretty manner.

However, this comb feels at least 4 times heavier than any other plastic comb, but that is a plus point for it as it defines the quality and assures the owner that it is going to last for a long time. Moreover, it is quite easily portable, and for proper protection, a stitched carrying sleeve is also included in the package.

Massaging your beard with oil using this sandalwood comb can show amazing results in increasing your beard growth while removing the dead skin and any trapped residues.


  • Good for both head hair as well as beards
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Premium wooden finish


  • Not ideal to carry in pockets

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7. Xuanli Comb Set

Xuanli comb set


  • Material: Wood
  • Tooth Width: All kinds of comb
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: Yes
  • Level of Maintenance: High
  • Length: 7 inches, 4.3 inches, 7.2 inches, 4.7 inches, 5.9 inches, 5.5 inches, 6.3 inches, 4.7 inches
  • Weight: 2 Ounces

Well, if you like to play around with your beard, and love to keep it shorts, sometimes long, and always keep a new look, this amazing set of 8 different wooden combs will be perfect for you. As you can find all sorts of combs, in all sizes, and tooth width in this set.

This whole set is handmade with extreme precision, and perfection is well-noticeable in each comb quite well. A very fine quality of wood is amazingly crafted to make a complete set of eight different wooden combs in which one factor is common, the fantastic build quality.

It can be a perfect gift for any bearded loved one as if someone has this; he does not even have to look for any other comb. The teeth of all the combs are crafted well and feel smooth on the skin, no matter how hard it is to style your beard.

Wide-set teeth combs will work perfectly to adjust the beard in place, and the fine-set ones will help you to refine the style from every angle. Moreover, beard balm and beard oils can be applied easily using any of the combs from the set, and it won’t even generate any static charge to irritate your beard style.

However, carrying this comb set from one place to another will be a hefty task as you will need to make some extra space in the bag for all of these, and wooden combs do require some extra care as compared to normal plastic ones.


  • Variety of combs
  • Ideal for beards, mustache, and hair as well.


  • Not easy to handle
  • Not ideal to carry along

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8. Beard Comb by Beard Power

Beard Comb by Beard Power


  • Material: Wood
  • Tooth Width: Wide & Fine
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: Yes
  • Level of Maintenance: High
  • Length:9 Inches
  • Weight: 8 Ounces

Considering the fact that wooden beard combs are quite expensive, Beard Power has introduced to us a very fine quality wooden comb, that too for a very affordable price. However, by looking or holding it in hand, you can’t tell the difference if you compare it with any other premium combs in the market.

All thanks to Beard Power’s precise craftsmanship and dedication towards their work. Unlike other cheap combs, which use spray paint to apply shine, this comb is wax polished and does not have any pungent smells to it.

On the other hand, this wooden comb does its job in detangling the beard pretty well as it has wider teeth on one side, which helps to settle the beard, and the other side with fine-set teeth can help you to refine your beard style and add texture to it.

Although it is comparatively less expensive, still, it comes with a synthetic leather cover to keep the comb safe from dirt and carry it in style. Moreover, there are four different color choices available to pick; you can visit the online page and choose whichever cover design you like. 

Also, carrying this comb in the pocket is well-manageable as it is only 4.3 inches in length and can easily fit in any pocket in your jacket or pants. Apart from that, wooden material is not much friendly to the static charge, so that is another plus point about this comb.


  • Easy to carry
  • Good for oiling
  • Durable


  • High Maintenance

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9. Beardoholic Beard Comb



  • Material: Wood
  • Tooth Width: Fine
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: Yes
  • Level of Maintenance: High
  • Length:3 Inches
  • Weight: 3 Ounces

The Beardoholic is one of the nicest options to choose in case you are looking for a fine-tooth beard comb that can handle your long beard easily. And, this wooden comb just seems to be the right choice for handling such beards with ease.

Most professionals recommend wooden combs as it has many benefits for the hair as well as the skin. And, if we talk about this particular comb, this is a perfect product as the teeth length is absolutely good to take care of long beards by penetrating deep inside to detangle every hair strand perfectly.

Being a wooden comb, it won’t leave your hair in a frizz as it does not tend to produce any static. The premium & elegant pearwood feels smooth on the skin and gives a nice massage while oiling the beard without causing any snagging or tangling.

However, the beard seems to be large, but it’s only 5.3 inches in length. In addition, as Beardoholic is crafting this using pearwood instead of sandalwood, it feels extremely lightweight and weighs only 0.3 ounces. Hence, it would be hard for you to feel any weight in it.

On the other hand, if you want to give some surprise to your bearded loved one, this beard comb will be a great choice of gift as it comes for a reasonable price and will be very useful for anyone who has grown a manly long beard.


  • Fine and Long Teeth
  • Ideal for long beards


  • No carry pouch included

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10. Wahl Beard & Moustache Folding Comb

Wahl Beard Folding Comb


  • Material: Cellulose Acetate
  • Tooth Width: Fine
  • Good for Oil/Balm Application: No
  • Level of Maintenance: Low
  • Length:54 Inches
  • Weight: 6 Ounces

Lastly, we have afantastic folding comb, not made of wood, offers the level of usability just like the other contenders on the list.

Well, you might be thinking that it will not be suitable for your beard as it will induce static charge and ruin your beard, but that’s not the case as it is made up of, say vulcanite, or cellulose acetate, which is kind of rubberized plastic and does not produce any static.

On the other hand, the folding mechanism makes it even smaller in length, and it gets easier to carry along in your day to day commute. Moreover, you can style and keep your beard in shape on the go.

However, most people do not consider plastic combs as they do not feel smooth and scratches the skin, but this comb here has a lot to contradict. It’s 100% handmade, and the teeth feel super soft on the skin. In addition, its rounded tips offer a gentle massage and help to stimulate beard growth.

This plastic-built comb is very durable and made to last for a long time in your grooming kit. Also, regular massaging using this comb will help you to remove off the dead skin and clean your beard if there’s any dandruff is there.

In case you are thinking of using it for oil application, it might disappoint you a little as plastic is not much friendly material to oils and waxes. It will all get mushy, and you’ll need to wash it thoroughly.


  • Very Durable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Smooth Rounded tips offer a good massage


  • Not good for oil application

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How to Choose the Best Beard Comb – Buying Guide

While selecting a beard comb, there are several factors that you need to pay attention to. They are as follows:


Beard combs are usually made using 4 types of materials – wood, plastic, metal, and cellulose acetate. Most of the high-quality combs are made using cellulose acetate or wood.

Some brands even use animal horn to make the combs but the generation these days don’t prefer such brands as this include slaughtering of animals.

  • Wood

These combs are made using bamboo, sandalwood, oak, pear, or cedarwood.

When it comes to the health of the beard, wooden combs are the best. They are hand cut and this prevents pulling or tugging. Wooden combs look stylish and last for a very long time.

The only concern that arises while using these combs is when they get wet. You will have to wait until they get dry again.

  • Cellulose acetate

Cellulose acetate is considered as the best material to make a beard comb. Most of the best brands use cellulose acetate as they don’t produce static energy when they come in contact with hair and are very easy to clean too.

  • Metal

Not many people prefer using metal beard combs as they generate static and don’t have smoothly cut edges that cause harm to hair follicles. Some manufacturers offer a coating to the metal combs that prevent the generation of static.

The metal combs usually have a thin profile and thus, are light in weight. They take very little space and can be carried in pocket too.

  • Plastic

Plastic beard combs are the cheapest amongst all as they don’t end up offering the best results. They are usually flimsy and create static. This is the reason your hair doesn’t feel as smooth as it should be.

They are fragile and can bend or break easily. However, there are few brands that use high-quality plastic so that the comb lasts for a long time but they don’t offer the best results when compared to wooden or cellulose combs.

2. Hand-Cut vs. Stamp Press

All the beard combs are either hand-cut or manufactured using stamp press.

The stamp press combs are stamped in factories using dedicated machines. They are produced in large quantity and the material used is mostly plastic. The teeth of such combs have sharp or jagged edges that are not good for beard hair. They pull or grab the hair that can also result in damaging the hair follicles. The most common sign of this damage is split ends.Along with tangles, they also produce static and thus, we don’t suggest buying such combs.

Hand-cut beard combs, on the other hand, is handmade and built using sturdy and durable materials such as wood or animal horn. The teeth of such combs are evenly spaced, individually cut (using saw mostly), and polished so that you don’t have to worry about tangles or anything else that can cause irritation to your beard.

The hand-cut combs help in grooming the beard as they make the facial hair smooth and also stimulate the hair growth pattern. The result of using these combs is the best.

3. Teeth Width

The spacing of the teeth in a comb depends completely on the type of beard you have.

If you have a soft beard then it is preferred to use a comb where the teeth are closely spaced. You can even use these combs to comb out the mustache. But, if you have a curly or coarse beard pattern, you should buy a comb that offers wide teeth space.

Some combs offer 2 different teeth widths while some combs offer both widths in a single piece. Such combs have narrow spaced teeth on one end and wide-spaced teeth on the other end.

Buying a dual-sided comb can be beneficial to you in many ways however; your choice of width of the teeth depends on the type and length of your beard.

4. Use & Size

Like any other comb, beard combs also come in different shapes and sizes.

The size of the comb depends on the size of your beard and your convenience. If you plan to use it at home, there is no restriction on the size of the comb. But, if you plan to carry it along with you, you can go for compact ones and you can keep it in pocket or wallet.

5. Maintenance

One more factor that we often ignore is the cleaning of the comb as after using it for some time, the combs get dirty. Regular cleaning of comb also helps in the proper maintenance of your beard. Thus, you should also check how easy it is to clean the comb.

Even though combs made using plastic and metal are not great for your beard, they are quite easy to maintain. You can simply wash them using soap and a brush and dry them instantly.

Cleaning wooden comb is a bit tricky as it absorbs the moisture and takes a while to dry completely.

How to comb your beard?

Here is how you can comb your beard for a neat and clean look:

  • Before anything, choosing the right comb according to your beard comb is is very important. Comb with wider teeth glide through the beard easily. It should also have smaller teeth so that you can comb your mustache too. Along with the size of the teeth, the material also plays a major role. Materials like plastic can cause harm to your beard hair.
  • To start with, wash your face and pat the beard with a towel. After air-drying your hair, start from the bottom. Hold the comb with the teeth in upward direction. Begin at the neck and work towards the cheeks. This helps in giving a fluffy look to the beard.
  • If you come across a snag, slow down and clear it gently. You can even use beard oil so that the comb slides easily.
  • After fluffing and separating the hair, start combing it downward and style accordingly. Don’t forget to comb the mustache.

Benefits of Using a Beard Comb:

Using a good-quality comb to keep your beard in shape and form can have a huge impact on the quality of your beard. Some of the benefits of using a beard comb are as follows:

  • Combing the beard evenly stimulate hair growth pattern and allows the hair to grow in the correct direction. This way, beard hair grows in a healthier and faster pattern. It also helps in preventing ingrown hair.
  • You can achieve the desired look using a beard comb and train your hair to grow in a specific pattern.
  • Beard comb allows you to sport a classy look.
  • It helps you look and stay hygienic. If you notice, many men sport a long and un-groomed beard. This results in the hair going into the mouth. Some people even fail to realize that the food or drink that they had is stuck to the beard and this looks really embarrassing. Using a comb can help you avoid such situations.
  • Using beard combs makes the application of beard gel or beard oil easier as they help in distributing the product evenly.

What is the difference between a beard comb and a beard brush?

While some people prefer using a hairbrush, others prefer using a comb to style their mane. The same is the case with beard. Some people are comfortable using a beard comb while others prefer a beard brush.

However, both function in a different manner. Talking about styling abilities, a beard comb offers better results than a beard brush.

Beard combs are easy to use and maintain your long and coarse beard hair.

Beard brush, on the other hand, are made using boars hair. It is a natural fiber that allows you to spread the hair product evenly across your beard and offer better coverage. These natural bristles offer better control than beard combs.

Beyond this, a beard brush can reach deep till the hair follicles of the beard and distribute sebum oil produced by sebaceous glands evenly across the beard and maintain it properly.

But, when it comes to styling, beard combs are different than beard brushes. The brushes allow you to achieve and sport fluffy and puffy look. Thus, if you have a patchy or thin beard pattern, a beard brush can be an ideal choice for you.

Unlike beard combs, these brushes can’t fit properly in the pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time to comb your beard?

The best time to comb the beard is after a shower or after you wash your face. Make sure you don’t comb it directly on wet hair. Instead, let the hair dry for some time. Pat dry the beard, apply a conditioner and then start combing.

2. Can you comb your beard using a hair comb or a hairbrush?

Since beard combs and beard brushes are specially designed to maintain your beard game, it is preferred to use separate combs. Using a hair comb can pass on the dirt from your hair to the beard.

3. How can I clean and maintain my beard comb?

Cleaning and maintaining the beard comb is definitely not a Herculean task. Here is how you can do it:
*Put a little bit of soap on the comb. Clean the teeth of the comb using your fingertips or an old toothbrush. Be careful while doing so or else you will disturb the positioning of the teeth.

4. Is over combing good for your beard?

The maximum number of times you should comb your beard is twice or thrice. Over combing strains the hair follicles and often result in hair breakage or split ends. Sometimes it also leads to patchiness.


Since we have covered all of the best combs that will help you to maintain your beards well and keep them tidy, you can choose one from the above list whichever suits your beard the best. The wooden combs are good for hair health as well as applying oils, but require high maintenance. On the other hand, the plastic ones are just the opposite of that. So think wisely and make the right decision for yourself and your beard. In case you are not able to decide, we would like to recommend some combs to you:

In case you stay quite busy in your life and looking for a comb set that does not demand much maintenance, the Kent Handmade Combs will be the suitable choice for you, as this comb set has three different combs for all your grooming needs. It is also made up of all-natural cellulose acetate, which is highly recommended!

So these were some of our recommendations, and in case you like any of these combs, please let us know in the comments section below. Also, you can ask your queries down there.


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