20 Best Short Sides Long Top Haircuts for Men

Guys can choose from a wide range of hairstyles that are short on the sides and long on the top. Whether it is a faded slick back, quiff or a pompadour, or even a messy style, you can have endless possibilities n flaunting hairstyles that can pull off a variety of looks. If you want to wear a masculine look, accentuate your high cheek bones and strong jaw line, short sides long top haircut styles can be the ideal ones.

Here are 20 short sides long top haircuts that have been selected as classic and cool hairstyles.

20 Best Short Sides Long on Top Haircuts

#1: The Hybrid Hairstyle

The Hybrid hairstyle is one of the men’s short sides long top haircuts that has a more organic approach, just like the “salon” one. Texture, volume and fades in the low region make this style a clean but messy one, also to be flaunted by boys.

#1: Long Combover with Drop Fade

While the drop fade mixes into the skin, forming an arc along the top of the ears, thick and well-groomed hair at the top combed to one side, creates a striking contrast to this trendy hairstyle for men.

#1: The Classic Pompadour

This men’s pompadour haircut is for those who want to be gentlemen rather than rock stars. The hair on the sides is not cut too short, instead, the long hair on the sides can add to the style with a well-kept beard. The hair on the top is cut to the length just below the crown and can match most shapes of the face.

#1: Sculpted and Textured Haircut

This is a haircut for those having long and thick hair. The style back cut, short sides and long hair on the top with sectioned spikes added, make this haircut one of the trendiest in recent times.

#1: Pompadour on the edge haircut

This pompadour men’s hairstyle is zero fade in style, where the hair is cut very short on the sides and the top are longer, giving an amazing effect. A straight line cuts along the sides to create a distinct border between the top and the sides. The top is styled with great volume by straightening the hair and brushing it back.

#1: Side Parted Medium Length

This is one of the trendy haircuts, where the long hair is styled with a side part, to provide a professional look. The sides are shorter than the hair on the top. This will need the skills of a professional barber. Shorter sides with long haircuts have always been popular and this is no exception.

#1: Revived Pompadours Hairstyle

Bring back the Pompadour in a trendy and revived form with this hairstyle for men, which is a resurgence of the conventional pompadour hairstyle. While the voluminous long hair at the top is styled to give an edgy appearance, the sides are made short to highlight a more textured variety of the pompadour hair style.

#1: Pushed Back Long Hairstyle with Short Sides

The long hair on the top is blonde and pushed back. The sides are kept short and the sideburns join the beard to give this short sides long top hairstyle for men a classy look. A styling product is used to keep the long hair in shape.

#1: Matte Spikes

A good matte product is required for flaunting the Matte Spikes men hairstyle trend, where the long hair on the top gradually descends to a shorter style as it goes downwards. This hairstyle is a cool one, where you will need a regular maintenance. A styling product is essential for this hairstyle.

#1: Short Slicked Pompadour with Hard Part

This haircut will need a lot of precision for cutting the hair to a blurry fade with tight corners and cool pomp, styling the hard part on the top which is slicked to the sides and back. The short sides highlight the contrasting hairstyle.

#1: The Blown Back

This is one of the different men haircuts, especially suited for those having wavy hair. The hair is blown and combed back with the sides parted and fading into the region just around the ears. Men with hick’s hair will find this short sides long top hairstyle a perfectly matching one. Beards can add to the glamor to this hairstyle.

#1: Curly Side Parted

This hairstyle is for boys also, with curly hairs which is styled messy on the sides with a parting. His hairstyle looks great for those having a prominent jaw line and the cheekbones. To make this hairstyle a stunning one, you will need a skilled hand to create the side part while styling the curls on the top.

#1: Business Savvy

A nicely combed voluminous hair on the top, with the sides and back neatly trimmed, is what this latest hair trends for guys exhibit. The hair should be of a medium length to look clean and elegant. This is one of the short sides long top haircuts that resemble a pushed back long hair style.

#1: The Messy Matte

This hairstyle is one of the latest hair trends for guys, where the sides have a disconnect and shorter style with the hair cut short and styled with a quality matte. This hairstyle looks messy, but also clean and cool, especially on the sides are cut short. Bleaching in blonde could add a new dimension to the hairstyle.

#1: Very Short Pompadour with Hard Part

This short pompadour styling needs minimum effort, where the hair cut short at the top and the sides kept clean, using a razor for the fade cut. It is easy to comb and you can either slick the hair on the top to the side or back, whichever suits your facial appearance.

#1: Side Short Long Top Haircut with More Volume

Here is short sides and back, the long top haircut of 2015, where the combines are significant, making this hairstyle have a natural finish and more volume. The sides are very short for easy styling in a tousled comb over or as a loose fringe. A pomade of high shine quality will be required.

#1: Slicked Back Skin Fade

Volume is added to the hair using a blow dryer and then slicked back with the help of a comb. The sides are skin faded using clippers and the blond hairs are coated with a gel type product to hold on to the shape. This short sides long top haircut is a low maintenance hairstyle.

#1: Long Hair on Top with Shorter Sides

This is a modern trend in short sides long top hairstyles for men, where the hair on the top is kept long and the sides cut shorter. This is a vintage hairstyle having a twist that makes it a modern men’s cut. Styled in a pomp fashion, this haircut has to be worn matte.

#1: The Slick Back

This is one of the vintage short sides long top haircuts for guys where the hair needs to be straight for easy styling. The sides and the back are tapered and the top gradually becoming heavier. If you choose for an undercut combination, a disconnection will be required for making this hairstyle classic a striking one.

#1: Side Part Short Sides Long Top Haircut

A classic short sides long top haircut for men, perfect for a formal occasion, where the long hair is brushed to one side while the other side has short hairs with a parting. This is also a modern hairstyle with glasses and where the newly grown facial hair adds punch to the hairstyle. You will need a styling product in order to style this hairdo and keep it in proper shape.