Boys Hairstyles :: 20 Cool Hairstyles for Kids with Long Hair

Boys Long Hairstyles: Boys certainly like to take the leverage of flaunting long hairstyles, one of the reasons being that girls prefer long hairstyles than the shorter ones.It is the freedom and style obtained from the long mane that makes boys follow the boys long hairstyles.

This range of hairstyles gives them the freedom to attend any occasion without having to worry about the looks. Here are some long haircuts for boys that can work magic if your choice is a matching one suiting your type of hair and face shape.

#1: Wild and Brown

This long hairstyle for boys do not have long locks and that is why it is easy to style. You have to let the hair grow naturally with the waves and the curls, but what you have to do is keep the front clear for a clear front view. You can flaunt this style for any occasion, and the advantage of this hairstyle is that, it is easy to maintain.


#2: Bob Styled Long Hairstyle

This is an ideal hairstyle for boys who have straight hair and the striking feature of this haircut is that the length of the hair is uneven to appear jagged. You can maintain side bangs and ensure that the length of the hair does not cross the shoulders.

#3: Straight Hairstyle Shoulder Long

You can always keep a lengthy hair even if you do not have natural curls. Let the long hair reach the shoulders and then style with curling tips. Attending a fun event with this hairstyle can draw the attention of others.

#4: Long hairstyles for boys with running side

Long hairstyles for boys with running side with every strand feeling free, this Long hairstyles for boys is a fulfilling hairstyle with the long sides offering you the flexibility in styling. Notice the strands crossing the shoulders but not covering the face.

#5: The Long Bang Hairstyle

This hairstyle highlights the charm and innocence of a boy and is exceptionally stylish. This hairstyle is for those who have smooth hairs and when the length comes down to the jaw line or the chin, it looks amazing. The length of the hair should be of such length which will include the bangs.

#6: Long Side Swept Hairstyle for Guys

The long side swept hairstyle for guys is an appealing one, where the hair is trimmed to about an inch from the point where it starts from the scalp. The hair is combed downwards and then side swept to one side to the end level of the ear. A hairstyle for a fun time.

#7: Long Crown Cute Hairstyle for Boys

The hair at the front and the crown is kept long and continue with sporting long bangs that could make the hairstyle cute. The hairs on the sides are kept not that much longer and fall to the middle of the ears, which accentuates the hairstyle.

#8: Bushy Top Boys Long Hairstyle

Letting the hair grow with curls and waves in a natural way is the specialty of this bushy top long hairstyle for boys. Keep the ends of the hair untouched so that they look wild, enough to draw the attention of others at parties.

#9: Long Nerdy Boys Hairstyle

Teenager boys wanting to sport a nerdy look with their hairstyle can find this long nerdy haircut a suitable one. The hair needs to be straightened by ironing and using a hair spray if it does not come in a natural way. The hair is cut in unequal lengths at the portion from the cheeks to the shoulder. This haircut can also be styled with a bun.

#10: Bangs and Side Curls

The long curls and bangs hanging down from all the sides of the head looks as though they are guarding the head and the face. The shorter bangs fall down over the forehead to stop just above the eyebrows. A long haircut for boys which can go with both formal as well as casual occasions.

#11: Wavy Long Hairstyle for Boys – The wavy appearance in this log hairstyle for boys makes this hairstyle stylish and relaxed. The hair at the crown is kept longer than the rest and the hair on the sides are cut short to create a contrasting hairstyle and also appear bouncy. Suits ventures like camping in a forest.

#12: The Long Hair Fountain Hairstyle for Boys

The straight strands of hair fall freely from the top to below the ears. An array of locks on the front forms the parting line, which grows towards one eye and makes a fine curve so as not to block the view. Both the eyes have a clear view and a pattern of falls surrounding the head all along the back and the sides, making this hairstyle take off some years.

#13: Flowy Long Hairstyle for Guys

The hair is kept long and a parting is made to one side at the extreme so that there is more hair flowing from the other side. Naturally long and wavy hair makes this hairstyle stylish and attractive.

#14: Wavy Perk Boys Hairstyle

The hair on the top is left to grow untouched while the sides are shaved clean. The upward growth of the hair creates a wavy style after being induced with curls or after being stiffened. This hairstyle provides you the confidence to accept any challenge that can come your way.

#15: Afro Style Curls for Long Hair

The curls in this Afro style haircut need to be tight if they are not natural. The hair should be long enough to cross the shoulder line before curling because they will become shorter once formed into curls. Otherwise, you can cut the hair to the level of the shoulder in case you have natural curls.

#16: The Downward Racing Long Hairstyle for Boys

A small parting is made on the top, allowing the long hair to fall freely along the sides as though there is a race among the strands. The hairs fall to cover the back of the neck and the ears and 3 to 4 loose locks fall over the forehead to give this hairstyle an attractive appearance.

#17: Crown Long Side Shaved – This hairstyle is extremely stylish and surely a head turner. The hair on the sides are completely shaved off and the hair on the front and at the crown is kept long. A styling gel can make the crown and front part look like a Mohawk, with the hair at the front getting a lift.

#18: Side Whirls Long Hairstyle for Kid

The partings at the top are asymmetrical with the hair falling downwards in each part to the region around the neck from where they curve upwards. The front has a clear view where the glowing eyes and the cheekbones are exposed perfectly. This hairstyle looks fabulous and masculine.

#19: Long Random Cut Hairstyle for Guys

An easy to wear and maintain, this random cut hairstyle needs the hair cut randomly into various lengths at the different parts of the head, leaving the hair at the crown longer. The bangs are kept long and a styling gel is used for spiking the hair.

#20: Long Bangs with Straight Hoodie

The hoodie style is one of the most popular long hair cuts for boys, where the straight and long bangs fall from the back of the head to form a hoodie. A few bangs are allowed to fall over the forehead right up to the level of the eyelashes. This hoodie hairstyle is one way of taming the bushy and lengthy hair.